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Diary of a kinky vampire boy


v-v Cute little dead boy
15 December
acting, alcohol, alice in wonderland, aliens, alternative rock, anne rice, anything pink, art, bared waists, bartenders, beer, biking, bikinis, biting, bjork, black, black eyeliner, black nail polish, blood, blue, boas, bondage teddies, cameras, canada, canoes, captain morgans, chains, cheese, chicken, chopsticks, christina aguilera, clothing, coldness, computers, concerts, condoms, csi, cthulu porn, cuddling, cunnilingus, david chronenberg, david lynch, disturbed, drums, dvds, fangs, figure skaters, fishnets, food, french, french kissing, futurama, g vs e, garters, gilmore girls, girls, glass, glasses, goths, green eyes, hair dye, halloween, handcuffs, hate, high school sluts, horny cheerleaders, hot zombie cock, hugs, ice, ice cream, incubus, internet, japanese, johnny depp, killer condoms, kink, kissing, kittie, knots, languages, lap dances, latex, leather, licking, marquis de sade, mascara, masuimi max, mermaids, mini skirts, mixtapes, mountain dew, movies, msn, music, nachos, online games, our lady peace, panties, parties, peter pan, photography, pictures, piercings, pizza, porn, pot, prodigy, punk, pvc, queer as folk, robin black, rock shows, run lola run, s&m, science-fiction, sex, sexy vampire pussy, shows, shrooms, singers, slipknot, snow, south park, space: above and beyond, staind, stars, strawberies, sweat, system of a down, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the colour green, the crow, the dead zone, the distillers, the o.c., the simpsons, the wachowski brothers, the wizard of oz, the x-files, tights, tim burton, tom cruise, trailer park boys, tv, underwear, vampires, video games, vodka, werewolfes, whips